Kitchen renovation in dubai

Kitchen Renovation Costs 2024: A Detailed Guide

When you do a kitchen remodel, the value of your home and kitchen will increase.

Though it may be costly, it is always a good idea to examine how much a kitchen makeover will cost in 2024 and whether it exceeds or falls short of your budget.

According to Remodelling Magazine, “the average national average cost of a minor kitchen renovation is approximately $13,468”. It covers labor, materials, lighting, and plumbing fittings.

The numerous types of equipment, colors, kitchen cabinetry, and tile styles/designs provide more alternatives for customizing your kitchen and lowering its cost.

Here’s a complete reference to the kitchen renovation cost in Dubai in 2024, which will help you transform your current kitchen design into an elegant one.

Let’s plunge in!

What is the average cost of a kitchen renovation in Dubai?

The average kitchen renovation cost in Dubai is determined by the size of your kitchen and whether you require a full fit out or wish to hire professionals.

To clarify, the costs of kitchen interiors projects are mentioned below:

1. Simple Kitchen Renovation – A fresh look is required in a simple kitchen renovation. This could include replacing a few appliances with energy-efficient models, painting the walls, and cleaning, repairing, and modernizing the Dubai kitchen cabinets.

The average cost of a simple kitchen makeover in Dubai ranges between 2.3K and 5.8K AED.

2. Major Kitchen Renovation – When you choose a major kitchen renovation, you want a new kitchen that has a completely different atmosphere than the previous one. In that scenario, you can choose a beach house design.

It will feature bespoke kitchen cabinets, new worktops, beautiful lighting that requires professional wiring, flooring installation, and fresh wall paint. The average cost of a full kitchen makeover in Dubai is around 29k AED.

3. Full Kitchen Renovation – If you intend to conduct a complete kitchen renovation, which includes changing the entire design, hire plumbing, HVAC, and electrical contractors.

The whole kitchen restoration will include modern countertops, bespoke kitchen cabinets, and lighting.

The typical cost of a complete kitchen remodeling in Dubai ranges from 29k to 50k AED, depending on your specific tastes.

How Do You Renovate Your Kitchen Without a Big Fit Out?

If you want to spend less on kitchen renovations. Here are some remodeling strategies that may fit your budget without sacrificing quality:

1. Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing – Some experts estimate that upgrading kitchen cabinets would cost at least 25% of your kitchen renovation budget. You can save money by refinishing your kitchen cabinet rather than replacing it.

Refinishing is the process of employing chemicals to remove old stains from your Dubai kitchen cabinets and make any necessary minor repairs. Use a different paint color for the kitchen cabinets of your choice.

2. Replace the Hardware – You can modify the style and feel of your current kitchen by replacing fixtures, appliances, and hardware. If you replace an appliance with an energy-efficient one, you may be able to save money on utilities.

3. Consider Adding More Lighting – Many homes are built with lighting that does not match the theme of the kitchen design. Replace the lighting or install fixtures in your kitchen that are colour coordinated with the flooring, countertops, and cabinets.

4. Display a Few Art Pieces – Regardless of design or style, the right art piece can make any kitchen look attractive. If your kitchen seems ancient, consider hanging posters or artwork.

If you want something modern, try adding pop art and collages that complement the colours in your kitchen.

5. Purchase a Pan Rack – If your kitchen has a cosy feel and there is ample wall space, invest in a few new pots and pans. Finally, hang them on a pan rack. Your kitchen will make your family and friends feel welcome, whether you use it or not.

6. Place Rugs/Mats – Rugs and elegant furnishings immediately bring warmth to a room. Look for appealing seat cushions or rugs that are easy to arrange in your kitchen.

If you have plenty of space in your kitchen, put up a seat or chair where your loved ones can sit, relax, and chat while you make supper.

7. Go Minimalist – A kitchen that demands frequent maintenance and attention appears cluttered. Try to keep your kitchen as basic as possible. Install a pantry or cookware organiser to keep your kitchen looking basic yet elegant.

Though no one notices these changes, you may have a different perspective on your current kitchen design.

8. Have Kitchen Tiles Professionally Cleaned – Some methods may not be able to completely remove stains. Hiring pros to clean your kitchen’s tiles will make it look lot nicer.

Also, consider adding lighting to your kitchen area to make it even brighter without spending a lot of money. And making the kitchen feel more alive and active.


Finally, a kitchen can be renovated on a budget in 2024. You can save money by getting kitchen cabinets UAE in standard sizes rather than custom measurements, as well as choosing a laminate tabletop over a stone one.

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Kitchen renovation in dubai