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Hair loss is becoming more widespread due to increased pollution, styling agents, and a lack of regular hair care regimens. There is no longer a fixed age for shedding hair. The young are losing hair just as much as the elderly, which causes additional concern and social issues.

However, living in the modern world allows everyone to avoid any problems that may arise. Every day, newer options emerge for regrowing lost hair and restoring a full crown. When none of these options work, the only way to permanently cure hair loss is to have a hair transplant.

Dubai hair transplant is a permanent hair loss remedy that can treat any level of hair loss through a surgical procedure. Before scheduling an appointment with your hair surgeon for this permanent hair restoration treatment, read on to understand some fundamental information regarding hair transplantation.

Is a hair transplant a permanent solution for baldness?

A hair transplant is a permanent solution. The hair follicles implanted into the bare patches will remain there indefinitely. However, these grafted hair follicles, like natural hair follicles, have a life span and will eventually perish. Once identified, a hair follicle will spontaneously and permanently regenerate hair in the bald spots.

Initially, after a transplant, your skin may be sensitive and irritated. Recovery could take 6–12 months. You may also lose some hair during the first recovery period. However, baldness won’t return once this treatment is over.

However, in certain situations, many hair transplant procedures may be required to fully treat the problem. The hair surgeon would advise you on how the therapy would appear in your specific scenario.

Can You Re-Grow Hair After Loss?

You can use a variety of methods to regrow hair after losing it. If your hair loss has recently started, there are some natural therapies you can try. These therapies include a variety of ingredients, such as essential oils, onion juice, amla juice, aloe vera gel, and green tea.

Additionally, maintaining a regular hair care routine that includes massaging your hair and using fewer styling products might help with the condition. Following certain fundamental precautions, such as not combing damp hair, using a hairdryer fewer times, and not washing the hair with extremely cold or warm water, can all be beneficial.

If none of these solutions work, the next step is to see a hair specialist who can help you identify the root cause of your hair loss problem and then advise you on the best medical course of action, which may include taking drugs, using hair loss control shampoo and oil, and so on.

If your hair does not regrow after completing all of these procedures, it is because the hair follicles on your head have perished. In such a scenario, you may have to rely on hair transplant surgery as a treatment. You can cure any ailment and fully eliminate hair loss with this permanent hair loss treatment.

Does a hair transplant last forever?

Hair transplants are permanent because they graft a new hair follicle onto your head, which will naturally develop hair for the rest of your life. Although the hair follicle may die as you age, it will continue to produce hair growth.

Multiple hair transplants are sometimes required at regular intervals, but this is uncommon. Even when multiple hair transplants are necessary, they occur concurrently and offer a permanent solution to hair loss. Hair transplants are considered one of the most effective hair treatments due to their guaranteed outcomes.

What is a good age for a hair transplant?

There is no ideal age to get a hair transplant. However, hair specialists recommend getting a hair transplant after the age of 40 or later, as this is when baldness develops and requires treatment.

If you want to avoid hair transplants, there are numerous other options available, such as natural cures or other medical procedures. We also recommend seeking medical guidance early on to prevent the disease from worsening to the point where a hair transplant becomes necessary.

A hair transplant can occur at any age. However, we advise addressing hair loss problems through other means before the age of 40, and performing transplants only when absolutely necessary.

How Long Does It Take to Recover From a Hair Transplant?

A hair transplant recovery period lasts approximately 6–12 months. Initially, you may feel irritation or discomfort. Furthermore, after a hair transplant, you will experience hair loss at first, but this will resolve itself over time.

The time it takes to recover from hair transplant therapy varies from person to person because the treatments work differently for everyone. Therefore, we advise you to regularly communicate with your hair surgeon and adhere to all his prescribed measures.

The more care you take after your operation, the better and faster the results will be. You must remember that because it is permanent, you must use extreme caution and strictly adhere to the prescribed course of action.

What are the Dos and Don’ts after receiving a hair transplant?

After having a hair transplant, you must exercise extreme caution. The first step is to follow your hair surgeon’s instructions rather than seeking advice from others. Each person responds differently to hair transplant treatment, so each case requires a customized approach. Before performing the therapy, all hair surgeons will provide you with some basic instructions.

Here are some steps you should follow after a hair transplant procedure:

Have someone prepare to drive you home because you may be under the influence of heavy sedatives, making it dangerous for you to drive.

Sleep with your head elevated, especially during the first seven days, as edema may occur on your head.

Consult with your hair surgeon about which medications to take after your hair transplant treatment.

If you experience swelling, apply eye cream to the area above your brows. This usually occurs 3–4 days after the therapy.
Wash your hair gently for at least a week after the treatment to ensure that the grafts remain intact.

Be sure to stay properly hydrated both before and after the hair transplant procedure.
Hair loss is expected to occur for a few days following the hair transplant procedure, at least as part of the process.

Here are a few things you should absolutely avoid following your treatment:

Avoid sleeping on your stomach or side for a few days. In any event, avoid rubbing your newly created hairline against a pillow.
Avoid applying ice directly to the grafts’ implanted area. Nothing should come into direct contact with them.
You must refrain from washing your hair for at least 48 hours following the transplant operation, and even then, you must exercise caution.
Don’t scratch your head in any case. It is normal to feel itchy, but you should not scratch your head.
Avoid touching your head. It is acceptable to be excited and feel the grafts, but you should avoid touching them because they have not fully set for some time.
Do not wear hats for 3–4 days after the treatment, as nothing should come into direct contact with the grafts. After a few days, you can start wearing loose caps.
For a few days, you must avoid all physical activities that induce excessive sweating.
Avoid alcohol and smoking for a few days following your therapy, as these may have a detrimental influence.
If you follow all of these basic measures, you may be confident that your hair transplant therapy will be successful and provide a lasting solution to your baldness.


A professional hair surgeon can perform a hair transplant as a simple solution to regain lost hair. Hair transplantation is a permanent answer to all of your hair loss problems, which keep you anxious and increase social stress.

we offer amazing Dubai hair transplant treatments to help you overcome your hair loss issues. Our trained and skilled hair surgeons not only perform the surgery but also provide advice on the pre- and post-surgical procedures.

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Hair transplant Dubai